OW Research Nijinsky Jibber Jazz Club from Mascall Dance on Vimeo.


OW is an evolving multidisciplinary art project responding to the visceral and ancient connection of dance to sound.  OW seeks to discover how this relationship can be reinvented.

A kinetic, volatile world has emerged –  an unpredictable, intensely physical realm full of rhythm, whimsy and musicality to explore.

Excerpts have been presented in Winnipeg, Regina and Vancouver, and this July, the production will premiere at MacallDance’s home space in Vancouver’s West End.

Mascall is developing a sound/movement libretto. This she undertakes through a series of encounters with artists, including Liz Kinoshita and her research into Hollywood musicals, experimental voice specialist DB Boyko, composer and violist Stefan Smulovitz, dancers Vanessa Goodman, Eloi Homier,  Billy Marchenski, Alexa Mardon, Molly McDermott, Anne Cooper, Walter Kubanek, Marissa Wong and the pre-professional students of the School of the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers.

Mascall’s works develop through a studio process.  With dancers, she uses choreographic and somatic tools such as directed improvisation and pop-up public research, that she has developed through her 40 year career to explore and reveal interaction and interdependencies.  Provocateur and keen observer, the outcome is determined at different points by intuition, curiosity, reflection and will.

Mascall hones the emergent discoveries through engaging with design, music and a range of disciplines. While she is a choreographer, her creative work is influenced by theatre, music, architecture.

Her practice is grounded in the study and practice of Body Mind Centering, the Grotowski-based theatre work of Linda Putnam and Evergreen Theatre, Hatha Yoga,  Her works develop over a series of iterations and draw inspiration from human foibles.

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