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…on Vancouver dance company MascallDance’s upcoming production OW, running July 4th – 14th: an exploration of both the choreography and the choreographer, Jennifer Mascall, herself. 

Read full article here.

“….OW shines a light on the exchange between rhythm, space, and the transference of sounds within. It presents a perpetual exploration of and fascination with the intimate relationship between the vocal and the physical.

To watch OW is to be engulfed by the visualization of  sound directing body, and to understand how the manipulation of space influences the energy produced by sound and bodily movement. 

In the world of OW, stillness and contact between bodies translate into a varied range of sounds. In addition to the visuals of dance, audiences are presented with the vocalization of how touch feels on the performers’ bodies.

The performance venue will be transformed to match the choreographer’s vision, as space will be a heightened aspect of the performance, influencing the dancer’s vocal and physical presentation.  The dance studio that is MascallDance Society, where Mascall has worked for the past couple of decades, will host its own creative newborn; freeing capacity to greet OW’s noises and movements.

Entering the visceral experience of OW is to embark on an expedition devised to locate the tone of the physical system (of the body) and the pitch of a particular part of this system.

The work’s title is a reactive sound indicating an impact on the body. It suggests an inevitable interaction between sound and the body; something habitual yet unexplainable…”

Katherine Chan /  SADmag

Read full article  here.

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